Why You'll Want a Photo Booth at Your Wedding...


With moms, aunts, friends and everyone else who has stuck their neck into your wedding plans,  you’ve probably come to feel that the marriage is what’s for you, while the wedding is for everyone else. Well, you’re not completely wrong. You ARE throwing quite an expensive, once in a lifetime party! And while you definitely don’t need to stress over every detail for your guests, it is fun to add elements that are fun for you and your guests, like a photo booth!

photo: Julia Marie Mann Photo

photo: Julia Marie Mann Photo


Fun for Guests 

Guests have a BLAST trying on props and taking pictures as the night goes on (especially after a few drinks). Whether it’s the bride and her bridesmaids, a band of brothers, extended family reuniting at the wedding or alma mater pals, everyone finds their way to the photo booth at some point in the night, between the dancing and treats.

Memories (of harmless blackmail) for You to Keep 

While you were busy bustling your dress, cutting the cake, and greeting relatives, your guests are in full celebration mode. Photo booths provide you with half of the night you didn’t see! While it’s standard for photo booth companies to offer online galleries of photos from the night of, many provide memory book options where you get to keep a physical memory book of prints with personal notes from your guests. 

Most brides and grooms love being able to look at the silly pictures guests take as the night gets later and later and guests drink more and more… needless to say you can get some priceless photos to look back on and laugh (or share at the next rehearsal dinner slideshow for your friends!)

Save Yourself the Stress

Most photo booths start under $800 for 4 hours of service and often DJ companies, photographers, and other vendors will bundle in a photo booth for less! If you’ve ever tried to make a DIY selfie wall for a party, you know, it can be unexpectedly time-consuming & costly. 

Why risk that at your wedding? Leave it up to the pros to make sure this fun addition looks and runs absolutely flawless. Plus photobooths are finding really fun ways to be your not-so-traditional flair by adding GIFs, mobile sharing options, and with really exciting setups and backdrops. 

So why the heck not?! Like we mentioned before, there’s no reason to kill yourself (and your budget) over pleasing your guests, but if you’re between upgrading your china dinnerware and interactive experiences for guests, you at least have 3 more reasons to consider what might be more important after the big day is all said and done. Check out Weddings by Weaver’s photo booth packages and see how we can help add some sparkle to your wedding!