5 Types of Bouquets

When it comes to florals, there’s a lot to know - flower names, bloom seasons by type, fillers, oh my! It can be like learning a new language. To help you narrow down your options, and be able to speak with your florist more fluidly, we’ve got the top 5 types of bouquets for you to check out!


The round is known for being more buttoned-up and structured. The structure consists of 1-3 flower types with little to no filler. Consider using flowers like roses, anemones or any flower with a round bloom. This is for the classic, elegant bride who likes a more formal touch to her day. Like this one, but want a smaller version? Try a posy bouquet! It's incredibly similar to the round, but smaller, with minimal filler and can be held in one hand. These shapes pair best with an A-Line dress. 


Cascade bouquets are a  literal waterfall of flowers. By using greenery and blooms of various sizes, the bouquet gets a gorgeous tapering effect. This bouquet is meant to hang or drop down in front of the hand and form an upside-down teardrop shape, fuller at the top and forming a point at the bottom. The latest trend is a more loosely structured cascade. This bouquet is incredibly versatile, looking amazing with a full ballgown and similarly stunning with a fit & flare dress!

Hand Tied / Natural  

The name of this bouquet really speaks for itself. Hand-tied arrangements consist of a cluster of flowers, hand-tied together with ribbon or fabric, giving the arrangement a more casual, garden-plucked feel. This is a very popular choice for brides today, as well as one of the easier styles to create for a DIY bride. This style compliments a sheath dress or drop waist with ease.


Also called a presentation bouquet, this style is traditionally known for its use in competitions like Miss America. These bouquets can range from elegant and crisp to regal and show-stopping. Either way, this bouquet should fit easily into the crook of the bride’s arm so she can carry it easily. A truly beautiful accent to a mermaid or trumpet dress, as the asymmetric nature of this bouquet effortlessly shows off the details of the dress!


The crescent bouquet is a unique style that is shaped in a soft arch. The flowers are usually more compact in the center, then extend out of each side into a more tapered shape. Think of a quarter moon shape. This bouquet is a great choice for brides that want something a little different. It can be used in modern, romantic or whimsical settings. This style delicately accents the waist of its bride, so we recommend it for a non-belted A-line dress. 

There you have it! While there are TONS of different bouquet styles - these 5 will help you narrow down your unique styles and preferences. So which one is your fave?!