The Beauty Products For Your Wedding Day

So you’re needing to brush up your makeup and hair routine and you're feeling a little bit like a deer in headlights. This isn’t your typical shopping experience, you don’t know what the heck half of these products do, and “Holy moley that costs how much?!”

Okay, let’s be real, makeup is expensive and really, who even has the time to do it every day? But it’s not every day you get married!

Take a deep breath. You’re all good.

We’ve rounded up the absolute best products for long wear, photo-ready hair and makeup so that you don’t have to! Take a tip from our beauty counters and invest in these amazing products!!

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil  $90

This is the holy grail of products! This oil is the perfect way to prep your skin on the day of the wedding. It can be lightweight and soaks into your skin pretty fast! Plus, use a little tiny bit to smooth any little baby hairs or flyaways before pictures! It’s a little pricier, but it’s SO worth it!! A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts a long time!

Morphe Setting Spray  $24

Okay...this is the one thing you absolutely need in your beauty kit!! A setting spray allows your makeup to stay on despite the 90+ degree temperatures you’ll endure on the big day. While we like a little bit of glow on the wedding day, we don’t want to sweat buckets, so after all your makeup is done spritz yourself with this setting spray to keep everything in place

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation  $35

This foundation is my favorite on the market! It is easy to build up for an airbrush finish and it’s oil-free, vegan, and cruelty-free! It’s got sunscreen built into the formula and it’s great for acne prone skin!

Amika Texture Spray  $14

Honestly, everything from Amika is to die for, but if we had to pick one product to shout from the rooftops, it’d be their texturizing spray! Use this to help your hair hold curls and create updos easier!