Comparison: The Uninvited Wedding Guest

Comparison: The Uninvited Wedding Guest

Find yourself putting more weight into the small things than you maybe should be? Or feeling like you’re just somehow not enough? Comparison can be a sneaky b*tch, and that’s why we’re talking about overcoming the OG thief of joy, at your wedding and into marriage.

The Beauty Products For Your Wedding Day

Okay, let’s be real, makeup is expensive and really, who even has the time to do it every day? But it’s not every day you get married! Take a deep breath. You’re all good. We’ve rounded up the absolute best products for long wear, photo-ready hair and makeup so that you don’t have to! Take a tip from our beauty counters and invest in these amazing products!!

This Seasons Best Bridal Trends

Are you stuck browsing Pinterest and thinking about how much every wedding looks exactly the same?? We feel ya. 2019 is full of new and inspiring bridal trends that are sure to set you apart from the rest! We like to say that individuality is built into these trends. Here are seven of our favorites with tips on how to incorporate them into your wedding, what works well with them, and what kind of vibe they can create for your wedding!

What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?

Your a month out from your big day and you are READY! Well. Almost.

Last minute vendor emails and calls, creating the day-of schedule for your bridal party, creating and ordering the gifts for your bridesmaids, finalizing the RSVP guest list for your floor plan, confirming with your vendors for their arrival and departure times, figuring out if you need to tip certain vendors… the list could go on and on and on.

How Do I Choose My Bridesmaids?

Gal Pals, Girlfriends, Besties, BFF’s, Soul Mates, Your “Person” - we have so many names for the women who just get us. No matter how you met, whether it was in the second grade, high school theatre class, college, in line for camp, or the little league basketball team, we have our people, our friends, some might even say our tribe.

11 REAL Questions For You And Your Boo

While preparing for a new life with someone we should want to lean on them, practice what life will be like when we’re officially married, support one another, and learn how to manage conflict. However, I see time and time again brides and grooms waiting until after they’re married to discuss the tough stuff, the hard stuff, the REAL stuff, that will impact their marriage.

3 Rules To Write A Kick@ss Toast

If there were ever any doubt that Hugh Grant’s charm is indestructible, his character’s best man speech in “Four Weddings and a Funeral” should serve as the final proof. There are only a few rules to follow when giving a wedding speech, like to avoid the word divorce and to withhold family secrets, and Grant breaks them all. Though he does so while wearing dopey glasses and sweetly stuttering, so we forgive him. Similarly, in the movie “Old School,” a drunk Luke Wilson gives a successful speech only because Vince Vaughn swoops in and saves him with Shakespeare. So, what can we, mere mortals of the real wedding world, take from all these outlandish, unrealistic Hollywood examples? Here are five tips from on-screen weddings to make your own speech Oscar-worthy:

What One Year of Marriage Looks Like

It’s amazing to think this was only 365 days ago. While Jacob and I have been together for over four years now, I have learned far more in our first year of marriage than I did in three years of dating him. Everyone told us we would grow more than we thought we would during this first year, but as naive as we were, we didn’t think much about it until reflecting back on the year.

5 Common Myths About Wedding Planners

When I was engaged and heard the words “wedding planner”, my mind conjured up an image of a woman in a pastel pantsuit with a clipboard, a checklist of things I didn’t care about, and big price tag above her head. Because of that, I decided to forgo the wedding planner or day of coordinator while I planned my wedding, and while I thought my wedding was awesome, I know for a fact I would have saved sooooo much time, money, stress and arguments with my mom if I had invited someone to help us plan.