What To Wear: Engagement Shoot


Deciding what you’re going to wear on any regular day is hard enough. Deciding what you’re going to wear in the photos you’re going to send out to all your friends and family to announce that you’re engaged to the love of your life?! Yikes.

We get it. It’s not easy. BUT, if you follow a few simple tips, we at WxW can guarantee you will look back at your photos for years and years to come and think “holy cow, we looked good”.


Is it YOU??

This sounds really simple and basic, but it’s easy to forget. If you’re a jeans kind of girl- there’s no reason to pull out a ball gown! If you aren’t sure about it when it’s hanging in your closet, you definitely won’t be sure about it when it’s on you and you’re in front of a camera. Everyone tends to get a little nervous when photographed, and that’s ok! Just try to stick to what feels you, and makes you feel beautiful.

Keep Your Hair and Makeup Natural

I’m all for going to get your hair and makeup done before a shoot, but remember, you’re going to want to look back at these photographs and see you! A smokey eye and updo might get a little out of place.


Compliment each other, but DON'T match

Wear complimentary colors, similar tones and styles- but if he’s wearing a white button up, don’t do the same. You want to stay as far away from the 90’s family portraits taken at a mall where your mom dressed you all up in red shirts and light wash jeans.

Try your hardest to say no to trendy

Fashion trends change really fast. And by the time you’re ready to send out the announcements, tie the knot, and print out and a frame a picture for your home- todays trendy style will be long gone. It may be cute now- but try your hardest to stick to the classic tried and true fashion statements.


Pastels, Cool Colors, and Neutral Tones are your friends

I love bold colors. I really do. But the point of your engagement photos is to draw attention to your faces, and your love. Not only will bold colors draw attention to your outfit, but bold colors will reflect that color light on your face and the photos will come out kind of, well, funky. Patterns are always great too, but something too busy or too small will look pixelated and distracting.

No Matter Your Figure, Go With The Flow

I love a good flowy outfit, no matter who you are. The flowyness of a top, or pants, or skirt, will move when you’re being photographed and come out stunning!! Trust me on this one.


It’s All In The Details

Accessorize, my friends! Remember the tips that we talked about, but a good pair of earrings, a bracelet, a pretty necklace, no matter how small, can take an outfit to the top. Your engagement ring should be the star of the show, so try not to outshine it.

Bring your mom, a friend, a sister with you when you go shopping! Someone who will be honest and helpful when shopping. Trust me, it’s fun!


Juliet Maria