What Does A Wedding Coordinator Do?


You’re a month out from your big day and you are READY! Well. Almost.

Last minute vendor emails and calls, creating the day-of schedule for your bridal party, creating and ordering the gifts for your bridesmaids, finalizing the RSVP guest list for your floor plan, confirming with your vendors for their arrival and departure times, figuring out if you need to tip certain vendors… the list could go on and on and on.

Sounds a tad stressful, yes?

That’s why wedding professionals will always suggest bringing on a Wedding Day Coordinator to assist with all of the fine tuning that takes place before and during the big day.

I’ll admit it, I was the bride who, 30 minutes before her ceremony fixed all of the tables in my reception hall, fine tuning the small things, and turned around to tell my DJ if we were running on schedule for the reception. DON’T BE ME.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my wedding, but I wished I would have spent the extra cash to have someone who was not a family member or friend who would be watching out for me and my groom, and ensuring that my wedding day was everything I had dreamed about. Not to mention it would have been wonderful to have a person who could tell my mom to take a chill pill and relax while they handled everything.

So many brides get a look of terror on their face when the phrase “wedding planner” or “wedding coordinator” pops up in conversation, and I don’t blame them. I felt the same way when it came to my wedding. I thought that wedding planners were:

  1. Expensive

  2. Old ladies in pant suits who ran around the wedding yelling at people and telling them what to do

But after being a part of so many weddings as a guest and in the bridal party, I realized how much more stress free the day is when you have a paid professional looking out for the well being of the bridal couple.

So what the heck does a coordinator even do? There’s so many various opinions to this! You can always bring a wedding planner on for full planning, but if you are a bride who just wants someone to come in just for the wedding then you’ll be wanting a wedding day manager to assist with the flow of the evening.

At our company, we call this “Wedding Day Management”, because we are doing so much more than just coming in the day of the wedding. With our packages (and honestly, with any good wedding planner) you receive the following:

  • An assigned wedding planner 30 days before your wedding who coordinates

    • 4, thirty minute weekly meetings to create

      • Customizable day-of schedule template

      • Customizable processional/recessional order template for your ceremony

      • Customizable load in/load out schedule (basically who is bringing what and when!)

      • A Vendor contact list of every vendor you have contracted (at the 30 day mark we become the point of contact for all of your vendors so you don’t get bombarded with emails from ten different companies the month of your wedding!)

  • Two wedding coordinators, one lead and one assistant, who are at the venue THE ENTIRE DAY of your wedding who assist with table and decor set up, clean up and load out! No more worrying about if your planner will leave halfway through the cake cutting!

  • 1 complimentary hour of oversight at your rehearsal ceremony the day before

No matter where you are at in the wedding planning process, having peace of mind about your wedding day is the biggest and smartest decision you can make as a bride. And what better way than to book someone like Weddings By Weaver ASAP? If you reference this blog, you will receive $50 off of our standard pricing - just because we love ya already!