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The Difference Between an On-Site Coordinator and Day Of Coordinator

Many brides, including myself when I was planning my wedding, feel overjoyed when they book with a venue that comes with an onsite coordinator. They think “oh good! Now I don’t have to worry about who will set up my tables, tell me when to walk down the aisle and talk to my vendors.” The problem is - that isn’t what the onsite coordinator’s job is.

5 Common Myths About Wedding Planners

When I was engaged and heard the words “wedding planner”, my mind conjured up an image of a woman in a pastel pantsuit with a clipboard, a checklist of things I didn’t care about, and big price tag above her head. Because of that, I decided to forgo the wedding planner or day of coordinator while I planned my wedding, and while I thought my wedding was awesome, I know for a fact I would have saved sooooo much time, money, stress and arguments with my mom if I had invited someone to help us plan.