5 Common Myths About Wedding Planners


When I was engaged and heard the words “wedding planner”, my mind conjured up an image of a woman in a pastel pantsuit with a clipboard, a checklist of things I didn’t care about, and big price tag above her head. Because of that, I decided to forgo the wedding planner or day of coordinator while I planned my wedding, and while I thought my wedding was awesome, I know for a fact I would have saved sooooo much time, money, stress and arguments with my mom if I had invited someone to help us plan.

So brides - trust me when I say I understand your hesitancies about hiring a wedding planner, but guess what? That’s why Weddings By Weaver was created! We are here to dispute all of the myths you believe about wedding planners, one at a time.

  1. They’re expensive/out of budget/only work with brides with large budgets

A good wedding planner will offer you at least one package that will work within your budget, a GREAT wedding planner will be able to customize an option that is tailored made to your distinct needs. By being able to understand their bride, their budget and their desires, wedding planners will be able to honor your financial means and provide top-notch assistance. Additionally, having a bridal consultant with experience in the industry might help you gain access to extra discounts from vendors that you wouldn’t be able to access by your own means.

  1. “They are mean/particular/Type A control freaks who only care about getting paid.”

If wedding planners were horrible people to deal with, then you would definitely know! Check out reviews - speaking from my *slightly* biased point of view, I know that the first thing on my priority list is ALWAYS my brides. My first concern is making sure that your day is running in the way you desired it to.

2. “They won’t let me create the day that I want!”

At Weddings By Weaver, our mission is to create the day YOU want - not us! I already got married, had my day and it was awesome. Now it’s your turn and I want to help you with that! The purpose of the wedding planner is to listen twice, speak once. We want to make sure that your vision for you day is developed and will help you gain the materials and vendors needed to make that happen. We also want to make sure that financially you are able to stay within your budget, and may offer suggestions as to how you can achieve your vision by spending way less! You want clowns and donkeys at your wedding and have it allocated in your budget? Sweet! Let’s do it - I know a couple donkeys looking to get started in the wedding industry.

3. “Between my family and friends, I don’t need any help”

On your wedding day, the last thing you want to have is a stressed out Mom, Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honor and bridal party. Trust me. I TOTALLY believed this lie on my wedding day and didn’t ask for help when I should have and was basically my own wedding planner. From start to finish, my mom and I planned every portion of my wedding, and while it was a fantastic day, I’m sure everyone (ESPECIALLY my mother and bridesmaids) would have appreciated an extra helping hand that would be able to assist with set up, clean up, toasts, vendor relations and confirmations.

4. “My wedding venue has an onsite coordinator so I don’t need to hire anyone.

This one drives me NUTS guys! While some venues offer an onsite coordinator, the role of the onsite coordinator is to make sure that the venue stays safe and clean. Their responsibility is to represent the property, not the bride and groom. These coordinators will not prepare your day of schedule, confirm arrival and departure times with your vendors, help with the timing of the processional and recessional of the ceremony, and make sure that you aren’t getting held up in the greeting line by your great aunt Marge. If you still think you can swing it with your onsite coordinator, check out my blog about the The Difference Between an Onsite Coordinator and a Day Of Coordinator and decide whether or not getting a day of coordinator would be your best choice.

Did any of these lies ring a bell? Have you thought them or currently thinking about them? Let’s chat more!

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