The Sisterhood of We

Sisterhood - a word that I associate with magical blue jeans that fit multiple shaped teenage girls (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read the book). For others, it may mean their sorority, their actual sisters, or their best friends from high school. The word can stir up emotions of pride in our identity and for others, it can stir up jealousy, betrayal, anxiety or feeling ‘left-out’ by a group we’ve longed to be a part of.

How Do I Choose My Bridesmaids?

Gal Pals, Girlfriends, Besties, BFF’s, Soul Mates, Your “Person” - we have so many names for the women who just get us. No matter how you met, whether it was in the second grade, high school theatre class, college, in line for camp, or the little league basketball team, we have our people, our friends, some might even say our tribe.