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"How Do You Do It All?"

"How Do You Do It All?"

Between balancing marriage, a business, friendships, volunteer work, managing clients, employees, social media accounts, calls, emails, family, mentorship, bible studies, finances and not to mention just trying to keep our house decently clean and cooking meals so we don’t eat at Taco Bell all the time, life can get pretty busy very quickly.

10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Beauty Routine

Everyone loves to get pampered. Getting a little extra TLC is exactly what we need to feel 110% ready for the big day. And heck - even if you aren’t the bride, we all need a little extra time to pamper and primp.

My friends - I’m sharing TEN of my favorite ways to get bridal ready for your wedding day that will spruce up your mind, soul and body for your big day!

Confidence v. Apperances

When I was 10 a girl in my class told me that I should eat more salads so I could lose weight and look like her. I remember as a kid in swim team the boys laughing when I would walk past in my swimsuit because my thighs jiggled. In high school, girls would complain about having to buy a size 10 prom dress because that was a “fat size”, when in reality I was working out, dieting and praying I would be able to buy a dress that would be below a size 12.