Ugly Little Lies


Does anyone else have little lies they hear throughout the day about themselves? These pesky little thoughts that enter into your mind as you go about your day that start off as soft whispers that we swat away like flies turn into shouts that drown out any positive thing we try to meditate on.

I hear and believe these lies more often than I would like to admit. Over the past few days I’ve written them down as they enter my mind, most of the time overstaying their limit like an un-welcomed houseguest.

“You’re fat and ugly.”

“You’ll be a terrible mom one day.”

“You aren’t worth Jacob’s time.”

“You will never succeed.”

“No one even cares about you.”

“You are worthless.”

As I wrote these down I felt absolutely terrible. These are things I would never tell anyone else, but for some reason thought completely fine to listen to and believe about myself.

I’ve taken it upon myself to be your cheerleader - but if I’m being honest, sometimes I feel like I’m a fake because I can’t, or won’t, believe the things I’m telling you to believe in. I truly want every woman I work with to feel confident about themselves, feel loved in their own body, and to cherish everything that makes them unique. However, getting myself on the same page is a daily struggle.

So today - I’m being 100% real with you and sharing my biggest insecurities and the constant lies I’ve heard throughout the past week. Sometimes they’re triggered from seeing something or someone, sometimes they come when I am feeling lonely or overwhelmed, and sometimes they just end up in my head just because.

If you are feeling this way, share it with someone. Sharing brokenness is beautiful. Telling people about the lies you hear is a good thing. When we let others into our darkest thoughts it gives an opportunity for them to light it up.

Whether you are a bride who believes the lie that you aren’t going to look drop-dead gorgeous on your wedding day, a mom who thinks that you aren’t raising your kids well enough, or a woman who feels judgemental towards her body - I want you to realize that these are straight up, 100% lies. They don’t define you and they aren’t filled with the slightest bit of truth.

My goal for myself this week is as I hear these lies in my head, coming up with the truthful answer to squash those thoughts.

When I hear, “You’re ugly and fat”, I can reply, “Actually, I am strong, I am sought-after by the Lord, I am created in the image of God.” or when I hear, “No one even cares about you.” I can reply in my head, “Jacob cares about me, my mom cares about me, my father cares about me, my brother cares about me, my sister cares about me, etc.” (I have a long list of people I could name ;) )

I invite you to do the same. And if you can’t think of a truth to combat your lie, tell someone about what you’re thinking and LISTEN. They will help you combat the whisperings you hear and build you up in the process.

And truth be told, sometimes it’s not going to get better right off the bat, but I’m here for you 100% of the time, cheering you on, being the louder and more positive voice telling you that I love you, I care for you and I know you are worth it.