Treat Yo Self Tuesday


Okay y’all. For #RealTalkTuesday we’re talking about self care. Why it’s important and my favorite 5 ways to give myself a little TLC throughout the week!

Like the majority of you, I’m (most of the time) going 100 miles per hour. Between balancing home duties and work responsibilities, plus trying to see friends and love on the people around me, I’m drained 99% of the time. Life gets hard, especially when we are working hard, reaching goals and trying to better ourselves, and while it’s great that we are achieving and succeeding, it’s hella important to take time, unwind, and do some TLC for the #1 person in your life - aka YOU.

Trust me friends when I say that I’m preaching to the choir here. My TLC moments come very far and few between, but I’m working on being well rested and cared for so that I can give you guys the best version of me! So my pals, here are my favorite 5 ways to give my mind, body and soul some time to feel like they are all getting treated to a spa day like no other.

Take a Bath

I FREAKING love baths. They are, in my opinion, God’s greatest gift to sore muscles, stressed out college students, overworked employees and over achieving millennials. When I take a bath, I go hard. Throw in some bath salts, a bath bomb, crank up your diffuser and you’re good to go for at least a solid half hour. If you’re not a bath person, add some essential oils into your shower for a “spa-like” experience. However, I promise a bath would be the better option. ;)

Read a Book

Whether it’s your Bible, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Junie B. Jones, carve out time to read. You can learn so much from picking up a book and spending 15 minutes a day just soaking in something. It is so refreshing to know that in a world that is always asking more and more of us, we can always escape it by curling up with a good read. Give your brain time to relax from the world’s stress and find something that makes you want to gobble it up!

Go on a Walk

There’s this little trail around my house that my husband and I love to walk with our pups that takes us from the house, all the way around the neighborhood and to the pond where little ducklings roam around. It’s so freaking funny to see our dogs (who are the tiniest and least aggressive dogs out there) try to muster up the courage to chase the pond animals. I love getting to be outside, get some Vitamin D, talk with Jacob without having our phones around and getting to feel so refreshed afterwards. Plus, it’s basically a mini work out depending on the length of time you’re walking!

Pet Dogs (or a cat I guess)

Rascal and Holly are my two most favorite creatures in the entire world. I truly believe animals can sense how we are feeling, help calm us, and provide an emotional support that sometimes humans seem to lack. Whether you’re a dog or cat person, spend some time giving cuddles to a fluffy pal when you’re feeling stressed out. Seeing life through another little creature’s eyes, who unconditionally loves you for who you are, can give us a whole new perspective on how we view ourselves and the world around us.


Naps are the best things a human could enjoy. My mom growing up always said to us to take a nap if we weren’t feeling good, since “sleep was nature's medicine” and man was she right! Anytime I’m feeling overworked, stressed, exhausted or freaked out, I take a mini, 15-20 minute long nap. Not only does it give my brain a break to process through what it needs to, but it also rejuvenates my body, soul and spirit.